Bovine Scat

Sex, drugs, rock and roll.

Screaming, howling, sleeping on the floor of a shack, a drummer stripped to his boxers running towards a kiddy pool, bikers who insist you call them "snake", bar maids with more attitude than teeth, a trucker named Tex on the run from the law.

A girl doing the breast-stroke through the mud with more metal in her face then an iron plant who requests a song that doesn't exist, a cancer patient who is offended when I 'make up a song on the spot' instead of playing 'that song about the horse who dies'.

Veterans who get visibly angry when the live music is louder than the bingo calls.

Playing 3-4 shows a weekend and feeling the pain in your arms Sunday from hauling equipment into vans and trucks at 3am.

What a great time!

Live @ VFW Bootleg
I only know of two live bootlegs that were recorded.
This one, and the sold-out show @ the Republican.
Sorry about the levels, we recorded this night off the mixer only as an after-thought.

Set 1
6 Days
Small Town
Lost and Found

Set 2
Lost and Found (Cont.)
Tulsa Time
That's What I Get
You're The Reason
Can't You See
Next Broken Heart
Who Dat Man
Past the Point of Rescue

Set 3
Crazy Little Thing
One Night At A Time
Boot Scootin' Boogie
Please Please Baby
Yo Mama
That'll Be The Day
Last Kiss
Johnny B Goode

Set 4
Happy Birthday
I Just Wanna Dance With You
Gimmie Three Steps

Set 5
Right Place
The Breeze
Rocky Top
Slow Down
Silver Wings
Guitars and Caddilacs
Sweet Home Alabama